We offer a range of stylish, safe & energy efficient double glazed windows. With a huge variety of Casement, Tilt & Turn & Sash windows, we have you covered no matter what you need, including top-notch uPVC repairs. Call 07885 629500 today to arrange a quote.

We offer the best Casement Windows on the market.

Casement Windows.

Hinged from the top or side and open outwards away from the building. We offer a range of cost-effective budget windows, or customized designs sure to impress.

We offer wood-effect finishes or brilliant white. These windows also come with the latest in window technology including; shoot bolt locking mechanism, double weather sealing and excluder device.

We offer modern and practical Tilt & Turn windows.

Tilt & Turn Windows.

A modern yet practical window, providing easy ventilation and cleaning options. They have two ways of opening.

A quarter-turn of the handle opens from the top by tilting inwards, ideal for ventilation. Whereas, closing and giving another turn allows the window to open fully from the side, perfect for cleaning and those hot summer days.

We have a range of traditional Sash Windows.

Sash Windows.

These vertical sliding windows are a classic of British housing. Year by year the design has been improved and updated and we can now offer smooth gliding sash windows that retain their traditional styling.

Modern benefits of our Sash windows are all of the luxuries of PVCU windows and tilt restrictors, enabling windows to be opened to clean safely without opening too wide.

What we've got to offer.

We have a massive range of differently styled, double glazed windows for you to choose from. Whether you are after a traditional design, energy efficiency or security, we have you covered. We are also more than happy to repair any existing windows that you have fitted.

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